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RoboCore is Flexible and ExtensibleCloud-Native and ScalableReady to Deploy

RoboCore builds customized integrated portals designed to optimize user experience (UX) with an intuitive and highly functional user interface (UI). Our automation platform enables you to integrate diverse business resources leading to improved communication, collaboration, workflows and content interactions.

RoboCore is a Platform

RoboCore is a turn-key solution for businesses looking to integrate data from diverse resources into a single convenient portal. The RoboCore platform uses a “Cube” customization approach to build the ideal portal for your business needs. Each Cube represents a distinct business task with multiple sides or functional components. These Cubes may be turned on or off or integrated with other Cubes. This technology provides the flexibility to build customized, user-friendly portals quickly to meet your specific needs.

RoboCore is ready for You.

Are you ready to integrate your data into one UX-friendly customized portal?

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