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RoboCore is AI and Machine Learning DrivenFlexible and ExtensibleCloud-Native and ScalableReady to Deploy

RoboCore is an AI-driven automation platform enabling low-cost and customizable client portals, robo-advisors, and automation bots for financial institutions, advisors, and related organizations.

RoboCore is a Platform

RoboCore is a turn-key solution for Advisors looking to automate and grow their business. The platform enables Advisors to manage a growing and scalable base of clients with very little day to day input. The system manages money, interacts with clients, and automates much of the process for smaller clients. RoboCore integrates with your existing systems to grow smaller clients into your existing base, maximize your time with clients that need it most, and automate processes across your business.
UserIndex Module

UserIndex Module

Our UserIndex Module provides a customizaable set of intake questionnaires, emails, and text messages to engage with clients and develop Sentiment, Risk, Sensitivity, and other user indexes.

Bring Or Borrow Strategies

Bring or Borrow Strategies

Leverage our set of integrated Portfolios or bring your own. RoboCore enables you to build completely customizable user profile and investment strategies. You can even build algorithmic and automatically managed Portfolios for your clients.

Client Management

Client Management

Our System Admin control panel allows you to view all your clients and interact through Messages and Reports. You can add custom modules for unique ways of engaging with your clients and building client-driven interactive experiences.

Grow Your Long Tail

Grow your Long Tail

RoboCore provides Advisors with a turn-key and low-cost platform to manage the ‘long tail’ of their client base. Use reports and alerts to surface clients you should spend more time on and grow into your main practice. Never turn down a small client again.

RoboCore is for Growth

Our platform includes lead generation packages to help you build and grow a large base of small and growing clients that can mature into larger accounts. We focus on enabling automation so that Advisors can grow their businesses.

RoboCore is ready for You.

We are currently in private beta but actively taking on new clients. If you’re interested in what the process looks like to turn on RoboCore for you or your firm, get started below.

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