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Portal Technology

RoboCore is a SaaS product that helps companies connect their systems and drive stronger engagement and results with employees and customers. We “sit on top” of your existing systems, connecting through APIs and other direct connections, and delivering an automated and elegant portal experience.

RoboCore is a Platform

Powered by “Cubes”, our name for our modular environment, organizations can both buy and sell functionality. You can code your own Cubes and work with our team to deploy them into your own organization or into our Cubes Marketplace.

Solutions for Industry Verticals

We’ve crafted predefined sets of Cubes into “Enviros” which provide industry specific toolsets out of the box. Explore our current Enviros to see which fits you best, or start with a blank slate.


Founded in 2018 to service wealth managers, RoboCore has grown to serve a number of industries and a variety of solutions.
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